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Essential Health and Pain Management

Optimum Healing Starts Here

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Promoting New Techniques and Technology for Pain Relief 

Looking for ways to relieve yourself from sore muscles or other types of physical pain? Go to Essential Health and Pain Management in Hailey, Idaho for great options for pain relief. We heal people by increasing circulation and decreasing inflammation. Learn more about us, our services, and vision by browsing our website today.

Meet Our Founders

Heidi Golden Donohoe

Heidi Golden Donohoe has more than 15 years of experience as a microcurrent therapist using cutting-edge protocols of Drs. John Hache, Lory Hache, and Darren Starwyn. These protocols are designed to promote self-healing and pain-free existence for foundational health.

Terry Potts

LPN, LMT, ID 1204

Terry has more than 30 years of experience in healthcare. He was a medic in the Air Force, has studied people with sleep disorders, and worked as a nurse for the VA and Madigan army hospitals. Terry has been doing neuromuscular therapy and lymphatic drainage for more than 20 years.

Mission Statement

Facilitating self-healing using
pain-free therapies.

Vision Statement​

Pain-free lives for all our clients by maximizing the body’s potential.


What We Do